Tamarind Communications

Welcome to Tamarind

Tamarind is a corporate and financial communications company. We specialise in advising companies on content for online video communications with investor, business and employee audiences and in producing high quality video to meet these needs. We offer a complete, expert and confidential service whether you are looking for ‘welcome’ videos, senior management interviews or films to capture the key messages of internal management conferences and employee messages for your intranet. Tamarind is led by Rosie Catherwood, CEO and operates in the e-business model, using trusted teams of highly experienced freelancers and thus has very low overheads. This allows us to tailor our services directly to your needs and offer you the pick of the best professionals to meet them, at very competitive rates. Our clients range from large FTSE companies to smaller private companies and include bwin.party digital entertainment, Crawford&Co, Flow&Co, International SOS, Studio h, SEGRO and The Great Big Tree Climbing Company.