Video planning and creation services

Most companies now use video on their website to bring it alive and to get key messages direct to their critical stakeholder audiences around the world in a compelling way. Some use video to tell the company story more effectively, others to demonstrate breadth and depth of management or strategy in action on the ground. Many use video to ensure their audiences get to hear their views on the critical issues direct and unmediated, while others use it to attract new recruits and engage employees around the world.

Video online is easy. What matters is how best to use it, what form it should take, what content it should include, the quality of the finished product and how effectively it meets your needs and budget. That’s where Tamarind comes in.

We are experts in how best to use video in corporate and financial communications and we offer:

  • Content and video format advice
  • Performance advice and media/camera training
  • Project management
  • Full production: camera, lights, sound, digital capture
  • Full post production: editing on or off site, encoding for all formats

….all at very competitive prices.

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